Asbury Park Church Celebrates Black History Month

March 2, 2017
By Joanne L. Papaianni

It was in the spirit of praise and celebration that congregants of the Second Baptist Church in Asbury Park paid tribute to Black History Month.

Pastor Semaj Vanzant led the group in prayer inspiring them to hear the words of their ancestors who looked to Jesus Christ for strength throughout their history in America.

Sis. Wanda Smith then addressed parishioners first reading the Langston Hughes poem "Dreams Deferred," before reading an original poem "Before We Were Slaves."

In the poem Smith laments hearing bad portrayals of her culture. While she traced her roots she learned many of the things said were untrue.

"In the early years we were farmers, herders, and fishers too. African poems, praise songs, dances brought us through.

She ends the poem with "Knowledge is key, we are Wise beyond measure. Our history past and present leads to a future everyone should treasure."

After the service attendees were invited downstairs to enjoy the Gallery Walk of Ministries where each ministry created a tri-fold display depicting their work throughout the year.

Light refreshments were also served.

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