Greetings! New Fall Sermon Series - Filled

Most malls in America have a store called Build-A-Bear. The retail concept is that you enter the store and choose which bear you want as your own. You purchase it at the register, then you fill it with stuffing. Sound familiar?

God comes to the place where we are, chooses each of us to be His own, then purchased us by the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, and fills us with the Spirit.

You are either in the group of people who are filled with “stuffing” or you are filled with the Holy Spirit. The question is what fills you?

In this next series we will explore what it means to be FILLED by the Holy Spirit! This series will expand your understanding of the Holy Spirit’s role in the life of a believer.

It is easy to miss out on the fullness of life available to those who believe because we stop at Jesus. Well, Jesus does not want you to stop with Him, but to continue to grow deeper and stronger and more powerful by allowing Jesus not just to be with you, but in you to do “greater works than these.”

I look forward to expanding with you in our new sermon series: