Kids Of The King

Kids of the King

Greetings family,

Kingdom Focused!

This phrase is found hung up on walls, posted on Facebook, labeled on our website, and engrained as one of the pillars of the church.   Second Baptist Church touts as one of its pillars.
But what exactly does that mean?
    How does that affect my life?
        Should I let this shape the way I see God?
            Why is this so important?
                In which ways does scripture affirm this?
                    Does it have an impact on my life, as a believer?

These questions and more pop into my mind and I am sure your mind when you think of or hear someone say Second Baptist Church is Kingdom Focused.

Journey with us through this often said and frequently misunderstood topic as we seek learn what it means to live as

Kids of the King!

Pastor Semaj

P.S. You will hear me say “Kingdom of God” but you will more often hear me say “Reign of God.” They both mean the same thing, except the later does not reinforce the patriarchal mindset that has oppressed so many over the years, especially in the church.