The Road Through Resurrection

Greetings Second Baptist Church family,

The GMWA National Choir sings a song that will be widely sung in churches across the world in many different languages entitled, “No Greater Love.” As we journey toward Resurrection Sunday we will explore in this series of sermons the meaning behind the first verse which says:

Jesus went to Calvary
To save a wretch,
Like you and me;
That’s love, that’s love
This is great news! We who could not die for ourselves were loved so much by God that God sent Jesus to die for us. The problem with this is that too many believers get stuck at this reality. This demonstration of God’s love in Jesus’ dying for us on the cross is only the beginning! The third verse of this song says:

That’s not how the story ends,
Three days later He rose again;
That’s love, that’s love

The crucifixion was the place where Jesus started to unfold the greatest reality of those who are believers. The completion of this revelation, however, is beyond Resurrection Sunday at the day of Pentecost when the church was birth through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit that dwells in every believer.

In this sermon series, we are going to journey “through” the resurrection. The resurrection has its place in securing our victory over sin, hell, death, and the grave. However, we do ourselves and God a disservice if we stop at the resurrection. God deposits the Holy Spirit in every believer, yet many believers fail to access the power of the Holy Spirit in their everyday living. It is like having $1 million check written to you that you never bring to the back to cash for its full value. I invite you to journey with us “through” the resurrection as we answer the questions: “Why Jesus had to die?” and “What now, that Jesus died but didn’t stay dead?”

Pastor Semaj